The Spine Race 2016 – Nutriton

An extemely interesting post by Eoin Keith, winner of the Spine race. I think nutrition is different for everyone and in particualr in race conditions, however this is an eye opener. These races vary from 3 to 6 days and his information on recent races is well worth reading. To date most races I have taken part in are less than 4 hours long and a little hit or two of sugar takes me around no problem but I have always wondered how I would react over longer races. I hope to find out soon !

Eoin Keith

Nutrition strategies for races always seems to be one of the topics that people find the most interesting to explore. My strategy is probably almost totally the opposite of what most people would be expecting to hear.

I didn’t adopt any specific nutrition strategy for the Spine. I have a more holistic approach. Race nutrition for me goes beyond the race. Instead it is not only something to be trained for, it is something that is integrated into my lifestyle.

Over years of experience of participating in multi-day adventure races I came to the realisation that conventional wisdom on race fueling was, quite simply and plainly, wrong. It’s all based around the idea of glycogen depletion. To prevent glycogen depletion conventional wisdom would say you have to carb-load before a race to ensure that glycogen stores are topped up, and then eat enough carbs (X calories per hour, or whatever)…

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