Fear, Distance and Yoga

A bit of a mixed bag in my head tonight but I thought I’d share a few thoughts. Check out the podcast below on the fear of failure. There is more than likely know body out there that has not experienced this. I really enjoyed this podcast. Fear of failure comes in many different levels. We experience it in sport at the elite level and at the very beginning in many different forms. When I started racing I wondered could I finish or what might happen, now I know I can finish but I fear I will let myself down. I feel that the more pressure you put on yourself the more fear is experienced. The best races I have completed were those where I was relaxed with some pressure but only enough to keep me on my toes.


On a slightly different note , check out this web site . Yoga based poses explained , many of which will relate to your own training. It explains the muscles we target with each pose/stretch. I try to add as many yoga poses as I can to my routine stretching. I just need to make more time for yoga as I believe it can really help in all sports and life in general.

I ran this evening, my first long run in a while. In total I covered 21km in 1 hour 38 minutes. Reasonably slow but that was my aim. I have trained at speed a lot over the winter this year and feel the next few months I might throw more endurance in the mix. I listened to some more trail runner nation podcasts on the run tonight about 200mile races. It has me thinking endurance !  Time is not easy to find for longer sessions during the week but hopefully the weekends will prove more worthwhile. Next race is in March so a few good weeks training and il be on track. A slight glute/abductor strain has me a little curtailed this week but I’m feeling good after some more top work from my physio Patrick Kearney. 


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