Winter Trails

After spending some time running on the road I have  realised that trail and mountain running is what really draws me to running. I grew up in the wilds, hunting and fishing, and I’m sure this is where my love for the outdoors grew. Now that I am living in a city, even though a small one, the days when I get out running in the wilds I enjoy it even more. It was  mentioned in the post below that I’m not alone in this thinking.

“400,000 people participated in 2,702 trail races worldwide in 2012, the most recent statistics available. That’s a big jump from 2000, when 90,000 runners took part in 450 races” I wonder what 2016 figures will be?

This article  is well worth a read for those of you ready to stick on the trail runners and leave the pavements behind. I am not knocking road running as it is an amazing sport in itself but I think those of you who haven’t tried the trails should give it a lash.
I spent the last week mostly in the gym and on watt bike. I also knocked out a good running session on the hills in Castlehackett and played a soccer match on Tuesday night at some crazy late hour. A mixed week but during the winter more than ever I feel mixing it up is more fun.
Knocknagoneen Hill with the tide rushing into Rusheen Bay.
A few quick snaps from our walk in Galway, Silver Strand this evening. Oh and I found a hill for hill speed repeats! A new training ground awaits. With this in mind I signed up for the Gaelforce Mountain Run in March. A 26km run in the Maam Turks awaits to kick off a season which will most likely involve more racing than ever.


One thought on “Winter Trails

  1. 100% agreed with you in the trail running.

    It is amazing how few people actually realise the health benefits both physical and mental that trails offer.

    I think more and more people are consumed by ‘having’ to achieve goals, paces and distances on the road but all that goes out the window on the trail.

    Some nice loops at Kylebrack too. Was there on the MTB last week, eminently runnable trails too.

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