Stormy Run

Unfortunately I had no camera as only an underwater one would work tonight. I couldn’t listen to the storm any more and just had to stretch the legs. I threw on the running gear in layers, adding a high vis gilet and off I went in storm Desmond. A red alert was out for the west telling us to stay indoors. I knew if I stuck to the streets and returned via the prom I would avoid the headwind for a certain amount of the spin.

All I can say is, next time there is a storm and you are on safe enough ground, go for it. I did a 10km loop and have rarely enjoyed a run as much. I had the streets to myself , never saw a single person on the prom and hit some crazy pace on the last 3km with a tailwind. The first few kilometres were fine trotting around the streets before hitting a head wind and teaming rain for the next few kilometres. This was fun as it wasn’t cold and my gear was great. Road running or not I swear by the Salomon s-lab fell runners I have in slippy wet conditions. They are nice cruising machines !

The last few kilometres were crazy. I sped along with a tailwind lifting me every now and then. No doubt the strongest wind I’ve ever experienced while running. I knew however that the tide was out so the prom was safe for a while.

These are the runs where that extra effort is so worthwhile. The rain is gone tomorrow for part of the day so more running might just be a plan. Maybe time to hit the hills.



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