Looks like rain Ted

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Corrib River, Galway.

I managed to gather up the courage to head to Knockma for some hill running yesterday. The weather has been crazy all week. Wind, rain and more wind and rain. I had great fun in the end though. I know I have mentioned this place many times before on the blog but it really is one hell of a spot for training. From the car park, straight up the hill through mud, water, leaves and even in one place on my hands and knees is just about 1.4km. I managed to do hill repeats on the last 600 metres four times and then a few laps of the forest to make up 11.5km in total in 58 minutes. I cannot stress enough how this hill running, and it has to be steep hills, really seems to work. It never gets any easier though and if it seems easier you just have to speed up. My general plan is to get out to Knockma once a week for the winter. It takes that little bit of effort but well worth it every time. It is 20 miles drive each way and in the winter it might mean some night running to fit it in.

I have started to think of new challenges for next year. I reckon I will give it a push to do well in another big adventure race but for now we are looking into a possible adventure racing team in the ITERA race next summer. I won’t get into too much detail but for those interested here is their site.


A 600km adventure race over 5 days and nights does seem quite a step up, but sure why not, we only live once and no better way to go out than doing one of these !

The most important thing I have learnt from winning a race is that it is all about training and hard work. Once you realise there is some talent in you, and once you see progression, you can always get better. Gain the experience and use the brain a bit and you never know where it might take you. This encourages me to challenge myself more and hopefully the likes of ITERA will be the way to go in the future.

I spent some time of late following the Adventure Racing World Series in Brazil. These men and women are unbelievably tough. The things they went through during this race were phenomenal. Encounters with sting ray, alligators, thousands of bug bites, terrain such as swamp and mountain, not to mention the excruciating kayak sections. It puts our shorter races to shame. This race report below is a good reflection of the event and the site has some cool links worth checking out.


I have included a section on my training pre Sea to Summit in the Training heading on Blog page also. This might be interesting to anyone doing similar training to my own.

Oh and for anyone wishing to stay inside during these winter storms, here is another short yoga session I tried this week. There is no doubt most of us feel like weak kittens in comparison to Ali Kamenova but her classes are excellent. You will come out of the class feeling energized and strong.



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