Things we do for running
This is an excellent example of defying the odds to achieve a goal. A fantastic woman and it should come as a lesson to  anyone that  uses rain, dark or cold as an excuse to stay in and not run. This woman was willing to try anything to achieve her marathon.

Some pictures  Emma took on our run in the wilds on Saturday. It was a fun challenging run , even after some beers on Friday night. The scenery in the West in October is perfect.

As Sea to Summit race closes in on me it has been a few weeks of tough training. The feeling of utter exhaustion every night is mighty. That’s not to say that after the race the feeling of not being exhausted for a few weeks won’t be nice too.

The clocks have gone back and the days shorten quickly but for the exercisers amoungst us, nothing really changes. I look forward to the winter months as training can be a real challenge. Sometimes I think these months make us mentally stronger and if we lose a little fitness not to worry.
Another good link here to fit and feminist site. A real show of grit and determination in a tough race situation.


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