A Mountain in Leinster

Yes, you guessed it, it is Mount Leinster. Possibly the most original name for a mountain you will ever find.

It was really nice to venture further for the weekend just passed. We spent the weekend with some great friends in Wexford and I managed to summit Mount Leinster twice on Saturday to add in a little training while away. As you can see above the terrain is nasty with ferns, rock, bog, and almost everything thrown into one climb. The fact that there is a road to the summit on the far side means it is not really a mountain used for trekking. This made our adventure all the more exciting, well for my kind of adventuring anyhow.

The first section to the foot of the summit was runnable. In order to summit there was a very tricky steep section. As the ravens circled overhead, I got an eery feeling that they were more like vultures waiting for me to fall into a bog hole and become food for their afternoon. It was windy and cold on the top so I decided why not run along the ridge and make my way back down to tackle the mountain again. Luckily at this point I met Emma and my friends coming up and they had refreshments and water to help me. I was fully unprepared. I set off refueled back up the mountain and towards a second peak before making my way back down again.

The gang ready for off, and thanks to Declan for the great photos.

After 3 hours on the mountain I came down to heat up in the car. The descent was tough with awful ground underfoot and one or two little tumbles slowed me down. I decided best be careful with Sea to Summit only weeks away.

The past few weeks training have been good with lots of watt biking done and a few good runs in castlehackett in the mornings. I will attach the latest stats for those interested and hopefully the winter months will give me more blogging time.


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