Next up Killarney and a little paddle

Check out the next adventure race series race. The Killarney adventure race is one I have yet to take part in so why not this year. After all I am specializing in new races at the moment. In the past I haven’t raced much in preparation for Sea To Summit race in November. Things have however been shaping up well of late, so why not throw another one in. As you can see in the link below this race is a tough event. It starts with a 7km mountian run, then a hilly 35 km on bike, a short kayak, a 19km mountain run and a finish of 6km on the bike. Lots of runnning which should suit although this is going to be a hard race with all the elites showing up.

The next two weeks training are important and it really is a matter of keeping up the transition sessions, my new aerobic threshold routine and a long run/bike or two thrown in. I am just in the door from 13km on the hills on what was a stunning September afternoon.

Myself and two work colleague’s have decided to take part in a big challenge on Saturday coming. We are hoping to complete a kayak of the entire length of Lough Corrib. Somewhere in the region of 60km’s. It looks like a 10 hour day on the water but we will see how things go along the way. I will blog about this event at the weekend and hope to have a few videos to entertain. There will be some challenging moments and the urge to quit many times along the way but hopefully I can document the day without using the language we will most likely be throwing around by the time the afternoon arrives.


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