Active British Columbia 

I feel very lucky to have been able to take this long holiday in British Columbia. The mixture of activities and relaxation has been fantastic so far. The past few days we spent time in Kelowna. This is a city on Lake Okanagan. It is a mixture of a slightly Western looking town and modern hipster kind of area. The landscape is something similar to Colorado with rolling hills, parched by the sun. The area has many vineyards with farming being the main industry before tourism arrived. I learnt some of these things on my morning hill runs. I got up at 6.20 and ran the local Knox Mountain the last two days. It is a tough 3km climb but well worth the views.  

The second photo was one of many deer I met on one of the trails. They were very confused by this crazy Irish man running down the mountain leaving a dust trail in his wake. 

We head back to Vancouver tomorrow so possibly one more run up the mountain in the morning. For now it is time to chill, eat and drink a few beers. 

This was some of yesterday’s fun on the Kettle Valley Railway bike trail. A fun 22km ride along a railway line which was replaced with a cycle path. An impressive 18 trestle bridges were refurbished on the trail after a fire in 2003! 


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