Action packed, wasps and blisters! 

It has been an eventful few days . The weekend included kayaking, running, cycling, hiking, walking, a football match at whitecaps stadium, our own match afterwards and lots and lots of great food. Oh and a few beers, about three being my limit these days. The Canadians are so friendly not to mention my friends who are so kindly putting up with me during my stay. 

Here are a few photos to give an idea of recent adventures. 

Today was a little different as my activities have left me lying in the garden with a nasty blister on my foot for the day and in doing so I was stung by a wasp. Fun times ! 

  Well worth a read…



One thought on “Action packed, wasps and blisters! 

  1. looks wonderful, make sure to mark out some good fishing spots and some of us can came back!! I did not hear rock climbing and abseiling in the list of activities, clearly your taking it easy!!! Greg

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