No, you don’t have to be ‘lean and hot’ to do cool, exciting things

an excellent post by a great blogger. For anyone involved in coaching or anyone thinking of taking up a new challenge remember it is the effort you put in and what you aim to get out of it that counts. What anyone else thinks is irrelevant.

Fit and Feminist

I just got back from nearly a week of vacation, during which time I limited how much time I spent on the internet.  It can sometimes feel like I have to stay caught up with the unending stream of controversy and opinion in order to remain somewhat informed, but what I’ve found is that I can drop out of the information superhighway – lol remember when they used to call it that? – and then when I drop back in everything’s pretty much the same, and only the details have changed.

One thing did manage to wriggle its way into my consciousness, and while other people have ably torn it to shreds, I noticed something that I didn’t see anyone write about that I thought was important to talk about.  I’m referring to the article on titled How Lean Should You Get?  The accompany graphic – the Fat…

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