A little mishap

I had a minor ankle twist last night at soccer training ( once more soccer proves my nemisis). I was hoping to run an 8km race on Sunday, and may still be ok, but it has curtailed my training a few days. This, in one way , may be just what I need. I haven’t rested up for more than a day in a long time and I think it is time to focus more on recovery. Another form of recovery for runners and adventure racers is yoga, something i hope to gradually do more often. It will help my flexibility, strength and most importantly help focus the mind on the training and plans ahead. The link below is to an excellent podcast on yoga for runners.


Sage Rountree is a proven athlete that swears by yoga as well as it being so important to recover from the hard sessions we put ourselves through.

I find it is often in times of injury that I get a chance to reflect on the training I have been doing and look into changing my training as I progress. It is so important to realise that as we get fitter we need to rest and recover properly but at the same time not slacken off too much when we want to continue to improve. Getting this balance right is a very individual thing and I am still learning about myself. The best advice from my experience is to listen to your own body and don’t try to train exactly like some elite you heard about. or an exact plan you read about last night.

For now it is off to the physio for a look at the ankle, then into the sea tomorrow for some natural icing and a good bit of rest thrown in there somewhere as well!

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