January, the mixed up month !

It really is a strange month. A month of weather, mostly bad, not to mention the real Irish winter. That being said I have found it a good month to build up a little more, and I reckon even improve on fitness. It has been a seriously mixed bag of training though. Football, running the streets, trail and hills, cycling in the gym, cycling on the turbo trainer and a little strength work thrown in there somewhere. So as you can see there has been very little planning to my sessions. I think this can sometimes be a good thing as training plans can get very boring after long periods plodding your way through them. This is an idea of the last week in my training schedule.


I have plans to enter a few mountain races in late February, March and April. These all involve weekends away but hopefully it will all stand to me when the adventure racing season starts up again. My longer bike sessions of late seem to be going well and a few long spins over the next month will be very beneficial. I will dust down the GoPro camera and start blogging more as the season kicks into gear. I spotted the daffodils poking their heads up today and the evenings are noticably longer so that gloomy season is almost behind us. Those of you that have stuck to the January training schedule, now is the time to up your game and hit things even harder as the fun season approaches!


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