2014 winds down but no time to slow down

Apologies for my lack of blogging of late. It has been nice to have a break but I miss the blogging all the same. I have clocked up some good sessions over the last few weeks and I am feeling well at the end of an enjoyable year..

Check out the website if you get a chance. It is full of great training information and I am going to do my best to pluck a few things out and test these in the new year.


One of the links through this site will lead you to VO2 max and how we can use this in training. One of my goals for the year is to use VO2 max along with training off heart rate to increase my speed and fitness. I have also decided to try training less with my watch on and try and see how my times fare out. I reckon we can get a little caught up in technology and maybe best listen to how we feel a bit more.

My lack of stats of late goes down to my watch refusing to upload data. I am hoping to sort that in new year too!

Here is a good link to some shoe reviews from the year gone by, for those trail runners and mountain runners interested .


I think I am beginning to understand that the shoe is not a huge factor in running. As long as you are comfortable and enjoying the run, thats half the battle. I have however, started using minimalist nike free 5.0 shoes of late and it is going great. My cadence is already improving and when I revert back to my salomon speedcross shoes on the trails I feel my running posture and stride is coming along nicely. Time will tell if it is more in my head or whether this minimalist theory really works. I think my feet and ankles will get stronger anyhow.

Off to Sweden for christmas, so hopefully il throw some nice photos up here and get some nice runs in between the rest of the festivities! Let it snow !

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