Lack of blogging and a true athlete in need of help.

Hi all. Sorry for the lack of posts the last month. I decided to take a little break from the blog to gather my thoughts and step back a bit from training. It was a tough season of training and racing but hopefully I have gained enough experience this year to improve again next year !

For now my weeks since Sea to Summit have been made up of some running, gym work and I have gone back to football. Having the fitness behind me has helped with the football and makes it all the more enjoyable. Anybody out there that is struggling to enjoy their sport , I really swear by a break and also improving your fitness before you return.

My pre-new years plan is to try and work harder on the bike in 2015 as well as increasing my distance road running and hitting the mountains a bit more than I did in 2014.

If anyone out there has any good stories or videos from this years adventures feel free to pass them on and I can post here. For now it is back to the drawing board for 2015 and hopefully I can improve on my times and even try some new races along the way.

I want to take this opportunity to post a link to bone marrow Ireland for an old friend of mine and supreme athlete that has become very ill of late. I hope some of you can sign up. This can put into perspective that no matter how fit and healthy we are sometimes life can change dramatically.


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