NUI Galway 8km

I’m there in one of yellow t-shirts, around the second row, but most importantly I have to mention the two guys to right of the photo in yellow t-shirts. These two lads decided to sprint off the start line at full pelt. One of them was onfront of me and was roaring laughing at his mate! By the time the first bend arrived they were swallowed up by the pack but it was funny to see  and also great to see people having so much fun .
It was a  stunning sunny morning with 650 or so people taking part. My plan was to try and beat my previous pb of 30 minutes. I rarely race in 8km races and due to all endurance training of late this fast pace race was going to be a real test.  It turned out to be 8km run at real high pace, including a first kilometer in 3.15 min. I realised I was going out too fast but to be honest I just wanted a hard training session and the hope of a PB at the same time. I held a good pace throughout, averaging 3.40 min km and finishing in 12th place in 29.12. It was great to see my girlfriend and one of my best friends both getting pb’s too. All in all a very successful morning and off to bubble football for my sisters 30th soon after. Happy birthday Linsey !!

Bubble football group!

Results list and some stats below..


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