Magic Arnica, good food, rest and a 12km run


Sea bass, Quinoa and mix vegetables (mostly from garden).


Tuna Steak, rice and mix vegetables.

These are two nice dishes I had this week. Really fast cooking and yet really tasty food. There is no doubt diet helps with everything, and I find now that as soon as I stray from it too much I feel it in my training.

I am never someone to jump at products or anti inflamatories and the likes for injuries but this week I needed a fast solution to my wrist injury. I turned to Arnica and I have to say I think it has helped massively. I normally find time, rest and the right physio work will fix most injuries but this Arnica seems to have worked wonders. Then again maybe it was only a small injury. I don’t think il ever know for sure !

I managed a 12km run last night which included intervals in the middle of 4x1000m runs on the track. All in all I averaged out at 3.57 min/km for the run so happy enough with that, and my wrist didn’t react much at all. The bike tomorrow will be the ultimate test along with the kayak on Tuesday. Gaelforce West, the biggest attraction for most adventure racers is next Saturday so my taper will start from Tuesday on all going well.


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