A Mousy Pacer

The last week has been a little different. I had been experiencing hip problems for a few weeks and decided it was time to recover. I reckoned a few good bike sessions, both on the road, in the gym and on the turbo trainer would help. These and combining some leg strength work over 5 days and I would be good to run by the weekend again. The good news is, my plan has worked! I managed a good brick session, including my 10km hill route in the middle and my hip was fine. Lets hope this is long term. This week started with a good gym outing yesterday, a rest day today and I’m hoping to do a bike/run/bike again tomorrow all going well.

Football started back tonight as well, so my big decision of whether to play or not comes into the equation. I am swaying towards going back. This is due mainly to the fact that I miss team sport and training with my friends. Adventure racing and any individual sport can become a lonely type of training when you put long hours into it.

Oh and hopefully now that you have read all of my post I can fill you in on my heading ! As I ran down the trail on Saturday a mouse joined me for a few metres. It must of been a traumatic moment for the poor little dude, as it ran along looking up at this ape pounding the ground around it. Luckily we dodged eachother and we both survived!

You can access last weeks session here- http://connect.garmin.com/calender


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