The Last Week

It has been a busy one!

Pretty much flat out at work, but I have managed some time for training. I have a link below to the week just gone to summarise what I managed to achieve.

Yesterday was probably the most fun and the most challenging day. We hit for a beautiful part of Galway way out on the coast of Connemara, near Killary Harbour, called Glassillaun Beach. I set off from near the beach and followed the Gaelforce West Adventure Race Trail run section for about 5km. At this point I was already feeling that old tweak in my hip, along with a tight calve muscle that has been at me for the last month. So what better to do than take a left and straight up the biggest mountain I could see! By the time I reached the top my lungs were sore but the rest of me was grand. I seemed to run the niggly pains off. I ran across bog and grassland with no trails to be seen for approximately 4km while all the time descending the mountain. As I reached flat land I saw two nice hills ahead so I ran up those and back down to the sea on the other side. I raced a few sheep for a little stretch but they kicked my ass. I re-joined my original trail after about 1 hour and 20 mins and cruised back to the car feeling a little better than I expected. A rest day today after a few long days and nights at work before a busy week ahead .

I will round up a few photos of the run yesterday as soon as I can !

I was doing a little dreaming of challenges in the future and one of my friends posted this.. A race in Donegal, Ireland, worth a look !!





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