Friday to Monday Rain

I have been away from my laptop a few days so my blog has had a little break. I took a long weekend which included some rest after a good run Friday and then a soccer match Sunday. A mix of emotions during both activities. The run was in my favourite training spot of Castlehackett where I can get some hills into my legs. There was wind, rain, sleet and even snow at the top as I ran around the 3km loop three times never to see another soul. I felt I had braved the elements to get a good session in and even though it wasn’t so nice taking part I had that nice post training feeling!

All in all the last two weeks have been steady but I have taken good breaks and think I am ready for some tougher challenges in coming weeks. The clocks go forward on saturday night so lots more light for training and getting out on the bike in the evenings. A few bike run bike sessions needed now and a good training plan before my next big race on the 26th of April. The WAR or Wicklow Adventure Race. It is a 72km race, one of which I haven’t tried before but can’t wait to give a go.

Today I recovered from match and did a good 90 minute session in gym. A good warm up “skipping”, stretch, core, kettlebells, 10 minutes run, 20 minutes spinning, 10 minutes run, warm down, shower and out the door ! Phew!

Recent run can be seen below.



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