Long Run & Race Nutrition

There is good nutritional advice here. I certainly find the only thing to eat within an hour of a session would be a banana. The food 2 hours before should contain a good carb and protein balance. With a busy working life this may not be possible every day. If possible I would try eat some fish or eggs, greens and some ryvita, a rice or brown bread 2 hours before. For recovery I always have my protein recovery shake and an hour or two later my dinner. High in fat and protein with a little carbs. I would say try to hydrate moderately before and alot after training.

whole food runner

I recently posted about Running & Eating and I mentioned that my changing eating habits have had a positive impact on my running performance.  What you eat on a regular basis can definitely have an effect on your workouts but what you eat during a workout (specifically a long run) is crucial.


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