10 Foods You Should Never Eat and How to Avoid Them


An interesting article. Mostly makes sense. But a lot of things may not be affordable if you want to avoid all processed foods like the salts mentioned.


3 thoughts on “10 Foods You Should Never Eat and How to Avoid Them

  1. I didn’t know that about canned tomatoes 😦 From now on, only fresh well-washed tomatoes and organic spinach come into the kitchen!

    1. Emma, you’re probably exposed to BPA from other sources even if you stop using tinned tomatoes. BPA is also used in beverage cans and clear plastics (and is present in certain types of paper like receipt paper). As far as I can follow from reading up on it, it’s babies and developing embryos/foetuses who are most at risk (certain oil producers in the US have stopped selling the components of BPA to manufacturers of baby bottles over fears of safety (fears of a lawsuit are sometimes a good indicator of safety!) Also the EU and Canada have banned it in baby products) although. I’m no expert on this but if there are meaningful effects in adults from this, they may well be over a long time and that kind of thing won’t be known for a while (and there might just be something to those concerns about it). While a reduction in exposure to bisphenol A would be a good thing, its replacement, bisphenol S, might have just as many problems.

  2. Thanks Declan, that’s super interesting and informative. I’d love to find out more about the research around these things – I read too many articles and believe it all as I don’t have a Science background.

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