Race Report, Sea to Summit 2013


A huge crowd gathered in the courtyard of the Castlecourt hotel in Westport. A record crowd for this race and the buzz was fantastic. A few quick photos with my girlfriend and my parents who came to give great support and we were off. The first 4-4.5km run was at a frantic pace. A pace I hadn’t experienced in this race in my 4 year’s taking part. I kept the leading pack of 5 runners in sight until we reached the bikes on the Quay in Westport. Nicely warmed up now, it was a matter of keeping a 30+km/hr speed on the short 8km bike ride to the foot of Crogh Patrick. A run/hike up to the top and down to the base is about 7km in total. I had previously logged in training as 3.63km each way. As my legs slowly started to adjust to the mountain and my calves burned less I found a nice rhythm and made the top in line with my training times. Unfortunately my dibber times haven’t been posted for the summit leg. I ran down the mountain in good time leaving my split for the mountain at 56 minutes. At this stage I had made up 7 places to be placed in 5th.Back on the bike and I was very much alone, or so I thought until a good cyclist went flying past me about 2km in. He turned out to be the eventual race winner! As I reached the foot of the Maum hills, the make or break for most people in this race, I was feeling good. I topped the Maum hills at 33 minutes for the split. The rest of cycle is fast and includes some small hills and fast downhill’s. I completed this split in 44 minutes, a little slower than I would of wished but I was tiring from the fast pace. A steady 5 km run including obstacle course brought me home in 3 hours and 4 minutes. This time would have won or at least been good enough for top 3 place of normal but there were some quality entrants this year with a winning time of 2hrs 57 minutes. All in all a great race, I left nothing out there and it’s always good to know what you need to work on and the areas that need improving. Sea to Summit 2014 here we come!  A massive thanks to the organiser’s of this event and the great encouragement from all marshals along the way. It’s amazing to have that support.

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