Mountain Training on Twelve Bens Connemara

Mountain Training on Twelve Bens Connemara

A 3hr 30min session peaking 8 of the 12 mountains in the Bens horseshoe.

Last saturday was my second time up the 12 pins or bens in conemara and I have to say its some place. spectacular scenery and the ultimate training ground for a mountain runner or adventure racer not to mention a keen hiker. I set off with my girlfriend and 2 other friends at 1pm. As they were out for a more leisurely climb i took off to test myself and try push over a few peaks. Recovering from an ankle injury some weeks ago I found the downhill harder than usual but my general fitness seemed ok.

Explaining the 12 bens a little bit 8 of the peaks form a horseshoe around a big valley and this is where I base myself. In order to do the other 4 peaks you would need more time as they jut out in different directions. I hope to post a map shortly! My route took me from right to left around 8 peaks and back across the bog to where I started.

The first climb was steep and tough with a few less steep peaks to follow although the terrain fiffers from loose rock to solid boulders to bog, grass and the odd sheep jumping out from under the heather!

After descending the last peak there is a long or what seems long at thsi stage bog run back to the car. My favourite type of running but after energy zapping climbs it seemed longer than usual.

So straight home and out for my sisters birthday in Galway. Who says us adventure racers cant have a bit of craic! I did however rehydrate as much as possible before hand and plenty sugars and fluids were taken on throughout the day !

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